Our Focus

At Vocation Valet ours is a proactive approach to Talent Acquisition.

Our Talent Agents build relationships with top-notch Creative and Technical Professionals before they hit the job market. We are driven by their desire to find better opportunities for the growth of their career. It’s our job to find them the perfect fit.


Our reach is nationwide and with a finger on the pulse of the High Tech marketplace we are keenly aware of the best opportunities that match our Talent’s ambitions.  Much like an actor or a professional athlete has an agent, we view ourselves as agents for Technology Talent.

  • Development

    SW/Web Development | Today’s in-demand technologies

  • Creative

    Simple, Provocative, Compelling Design

  • Security

    Information Security Professionals

  • Engineering

    Systems | Software | Data

  • Data

    The Data Revolution is here. . .

  • Marketing

    Growth Hackers, Product Management, Marketing Analytics

Creative Talent

Our expertise lies in our ability to identify first-class Creative Talent. Our Talent Agents have extensive experience working with Top Tier Digital Agencies nation-wide, matching them with the first-class Creative Talent. We pursue relationships with Professionals that demonstrate compelling, innovative design practices.

  • Knowledge

    Advertising, Marketing, Product: We have the knowledge and skills to find the perfect creative talent for your specific needs.

  • Solutions

    From wireframes and storyboards to elegant cross-platform visual design. Our network of Creative Talent Professionals provide end-to-end solutions for boutique agencies and Fortune 500 alike.

  • Relationships

    Harboring relationships is paramount in the ever changing creative space. We have developed an incredibly diverse network of creative individuals.

  • Attainment

    With our approach, your next creative hurdle just became our mission and we aim to please.

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