Simple, Provocative, Compelling Design

Focusing on beautiful and functional design


Advertising, Marketing, Product: It all starts with the user. With this in mind, we’ve crafted a unique approach to recruiting creative talent. Design is more than a skill set, it’s a solution to a problem. At VocationValet, we pride ourselves on being the best problem solvers in the industry.
Typical disciplines/roles:
Responsive Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Art Director, Creative Director


Every project starts with pen and paper

Great Designers are curious and first and foremost, they observe, research, and listen. Understanding the needs of the user is paramount for a Designer and we think it’s equally important for a Recruiter.



Creating the Perfect Portfolio

1.  Only show your best work. Keep it clean, elegant, and most of all, current.

2.  Show some flavor. Creativity is all about originality and sometimes people are put off by faceless, corporate websites

3.  Show your work. When searching for creative talent, hiring managers like to see your process. Show your thought process, research and ideation that went into your designs.

4.  Credit where credit is due. Proper credit to collaborators can express an extra dose of confidence and teamwork. Designers rarely work alone, so if you aren’t giving credit, chances are you aren’t representing yourself in a completely honest way.